Ben Ngabo in Muhanga for a live concert

Ben Ngabo in Muhanga for a live concert                                                                                                                                        Singer Ben Ngabo

Referred to as one of the pioneers of live music alive today, Ben Ngabo will look to remind his fans, both young and old alike, why he still has got that vibrancy in him.

On Sunday October 27, residents of Muhanga will get this great opportunity to witness the veteran musician in a live concert with Rwanda’s musical traditions in contemporary colors.

Ben Ngabo was born in 1963 in Gahini, where they used to say, he was “born for the music”. Today he is one of Rwanda’s most outstanding musicians, especially known for his fusion of voice and percussion.

He played in several music groups such as Melodica Band, Nyampinga, Malayika, Inono Stars and Ingeli.

In 1993, he founded his group Ben Ingabo in Belgium. He has since toured all over Europe, America and Africa. Ben Ngabo is rooted in Rwanda’s musical traditions, but presents the royal chants with the electric guitar! For the concert in Muhanga he’ll pop up on stage with a full live band (guitar, synthesizer, drum set, percussions).

His special guest will be Abdoul Makanyaga.  The concert shall take place at Ahazaza Centre from 2pm and entrance will be free of charge.

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