“Blood in the Mobile” Goethe’s upcoming documentary screening

m_“Blood in the Mobile” Goethe’s upcoming documentary screening

Tuesday’s regular screenings at Goethe Institute come back, this time with a documentary film by Frank Piasecki Poulsen, on the ongoing conflict in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

The angle with which Poulsen decides to cover this conflict is baffling, chipping in a sense of responsibility that should be borne by everyone.

The useful handsets we use every day, i.e mobile phones, iPads and other electronic devices are manufactured using some of the minerals that come from this conflict zone.

We can’t imagine a world without mobile phones anymore. But our technical progress has a dark, bloody side. Just a few kilometers from the Rwandan border, the minerals used for the production of our phones are financing an ongoing war, which has so far cost the lives of more than five million people and destabilized the region. The western world is buying those so called conflict minerals and therefore not only supports the war, but profits from the instability of the region as well.

The documentary traces the journey of the blood minerals, from the illegal mines, where armed groups control the mine and children work under horrible conditions for the big mobile phone companies.

The documentary shows the responsibility that comes with globalization and the high social costs of our consumption. It will be screened on for free of charge October Tuesday 29at 6.30pm.

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