Outcry as Groove Awards become a one-sided affair

m_Outcry as Groove Awards become a one-sided affair

Award winners line-up after the announcements

Sunday evening was marked by a colorful ceremony at Kigali expo grounds where, for the first time, gospel musicians collected numerous awards in Rwanda courtesy of Groove Awards.

Apart from being the first time the awards were held on Rwandan soil, it was also the first time the country had experienced a music award ceremony other than the usual Salax Awards. So explicably there was a sense of euphoria and anxiety awaiting their commencement.

Everything was exquisitely done, at least not until the official ceremony began. From stage management to the welcoming of guests all was done to near perfection. But what had started so well ended up being ruined at the final moment.

One journalist in reference to the way the awards were distributed called the ceremony as “too one-sided” and “predictable”.

Artists affiliated to Zion Temple and Authentic Radio presenters scooped most of the awards much to the disappointment of the majority of the attendants.

Questions were also asked on how a contestant could also feature in the organizing committee of the awards. Gaby Kamanzi, who is conjointly the organizing secretary of Groove Awards Rwanda, was nominated and scooped the Best Female Artist, beating the likes of Aline Gahongayire and Tonzi.

Now questions will of course rise whenever such a big event takes place, but what is clear is that such eccentricities should be curbed so that they don’t overshadow the real intent of such a once-a-year event.

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