Sleeping Sickness to screen at Goethe Institute

Tuesday’s regular film screening at Goethe Institute continues on 15th October with this film drama about a man trapped in his inner outland.
Sleeping Sickness revolves around the life of Ebbo Velten, a German doctor and development worker running a medical project to fight the sleeping sickness in Cameroon.

For twenty years he has been living in different countries. After successfully defeating the sleeping sickness in the region, Ebbo is expected to return to Germany, yet he is afraid of coming back to a country he doesn’t consider home. He has to decide between his family who lives in Germany and his life in Africa. The situation becomes even more complicated when Alex Nzila, a young French physician of Congolese origin, begins to research and audit Ebbo’s project. Alex meets a destructive and lost man hiding from his own life.

Directed by Ulrich Kohler, Sleeping Sickness is a Silver Bear Winning Film that depicts how one can easily be in a collision of two distinctive worlds. It will be screened on Tuesday at 6.30pm. Entry will be free.

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