Eric Mucyo’s premieres I Bwiza video

Eric Mucyo’s premieres I Bwiza video

Eric Mucyo

To describe it as a carefully written and shrewdly scripted video would be somehow an understatement to the just released I Bwiza video of Eric Mucyo featuring Jay Polly.

A pure afro beat track released a few months ago, the song enjoyed a plethora of airplay with even (surprisingly) controversial radio presenter-cum-deejay Adams heaping verbal praise on both its writer and audio producer.

The success the song enjoyed prompted Jay Polly to disclose its video shootout was in sight, and the public was licking their lips at the prospect. And true to his word the video is out and is incredibly awesome.

Shot and directed by Press It Productions, it depicts the beautiful landscape of Rwanda and its typical mountainous relief all spiced up lyrics that portray the rich Rwandan culture.

Inyambo, the traditional long-horned Rwandan cows, also feature prominently which give it a blend of both traditional and modern fuse.

The long-horned traditional cow (Inyambo) was a sign of wealth in Rwandan Traditional SocietyGoing by the soaring number of viewership the video is currently enjoying on youtube, labeling it a success wouldn’t be too premature. And its direction was cautiously done to avoid the notorious trends that have become a hallmark of today’s video production – full of nudities and lewd obscenities in order to attract a sizeable market on the streets.

 An aerial photograph from the video showing Rwandan mountainous relief

A well endowed and equipped video with unbelievably beautiful and breathtaking sceneries shot from an aerial view, I Bwiza is undeniably worth watching more than a few times.

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