Masaa to entertain Jazz music lovers

Masaa to entertain Jazz music lovers

The electrifying German-Lebanese sound performance by the band Masaa will be alive and kicking in Kigali on Friday November 22. Being the first time the band will be in Rwanda, the euphoria and excitement that surround their anticipated arrival are quite understandable.

Masaa is a young German -Lebanese band that surprised the jazz scene in Germany in 2012. The four -piece band was founded in 2011 and just one year later they won the Bremen Jazz Award in 2012. They were also awarded the prize of the initiative and music plays during the Berlin Jazz Festival.

The band’s music moves between contemporary jazz world music and pop and combines these musical elements with oriental sounds and Arabic poetry. The extraordinary singer of the band, Rabih Lahoud says this phenomenal type of music helps to blend the different worlds of sound.

Masaa’s live performance will start from 7pm at Kigai Serena Hotel while entrance will be absolutely free. Rabih Lahoud will also take the opportunity to mingle with the audience as he will be tackling questions fielded to him after the show.

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