Warchild, a true-to-life feature film to screen at Goethe Institute

Warchild, a true-to-life feature film to screen at Goethe Institute

The perfect way to start a week in a perfect mood is to flock to the German Institute in Kiyovu on Tuesday N ovember12 to watch this 2006 compelling feature film by Christian Wagner.

Warchild is set against the background of the Bosnian war. However, Wagner wanted to tell a universally recognizable story that would bring home to viewers the impact of war on ordinary people’s lives.

It is a story about a mother’s search for her child after the war but it is also a story about dislocation, as adults and children everywhere face the consequences of separation, relocation and migration. 


Senada, a young mother, is still haunted by the Bosnian war. She’s missing her daughter Aida for already ten years, when she finds out that her child is still alive, living with adoptive parents in Germany. She travels to Germany illegally to find her.

After a long odyssey through the country, she has to experience that little child Aida has grown up and is now called Kristina. The girl is happy, rooted in her new family and doesn’t even remember her mother tongue. When Senada starts fighting for her daughter the situation heats up as dark secrets emerge, leaving no one unscathed in this expertly crafted, superbly performed drama.

Warchild will be screened at 6.30 pm, prior to which a short film “Mutoni”, produced during the MAISHA FILM LAB will be shown.  This short film is the result of an intense two-week workshop for 15 young Rwandan filmmakers. Entrance is free.

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