Adjouba Love comes to Kigali in live concert

Adjouba Love comes to Kigali in live concert

Burundian reggae star Adjouba Love is coming to Kigali, where he will be performing in live concert at Alpha Palace in Remera on January 1, 2014. The American based singer will be accompanied by a host of local talents in this lively end of year concert.

Speaking just a few days before the show, Adjouba called on his fans to come in great numbers to experience his phenomenal music. He said, “The concert will be a hundred percent live. I can assure my fans that they will be treated accordingly.”

Adjouba’s popularity has soared unbelievably in his home country Burundi, and he feels the same could happen in the whole region. “I want to have a mark in the region as far as my music is concerned,” he added. “In this industry where there is a lot of competition, it’s not easy but it’s definitely doable.”

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