Countdown to Riderman’s album launch

m_Countdown to Riderman’s album launch

Riderman’s album launch is just around the corner and anxiety is growing each day. Igikona, as he has named it, will be his record fifth album – not many artistes have achieved that feat.

Set to take place at Petit Stade on 21st December, Riderman has promised his fans ambience and an evening worth to remember.

He said, “This album will be a special dedication to my fans. I want to reciprocate the love and support they have given me throughout my career. It has not been easy but they stood by me and encouraged me.” The end of the year sees many artists take on the mantle of launching albums in order to appease their fans, and Riderman is just one of them.

Last month the rapper accused renowned radio presenter-cum-deejay Mc Monday of once shunning him and refusing to take his music CD when he was still an underground musician. The comments invited the wrath of the latter who demanded an official apology from Riderman.

However Riderman says he holds no grudge against Mc Monday adding that it was part of his difficult journey that enabled him to be where he is today.

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