Former Tusker Project Fame contestant says competition is a three-horse race

Former Tusker Project Fame contestant says competition is a three-horse race

Peace Jolis

Rwanda’s Peace Jolis has cast doubt over the credentials of three of the contestants at Tusker Project Fame by declaring the battle is a three-horse race bound to be won by Patrick, Daisy or Hope.

Peace was among the early casualties to crash out of the competition although his eviction raised much debate and criticisms with a large section of fans voicing their concerns.

But life goes on after eviction as Jolis puts it. After shooting the first video titled MPOBERA, since quitting the academy, Jolis believes things will slowly return to normal and when quizzed on who he thought had the better chance of winning the five million shillings cash prize, he was unequivocal by saying, “It’s tight but I think Daisy, Patrick or Hope have the edge over the others.”

Jolis also went on to insist he had moved on and how he feels outside of Tusker Project Fame, saying: “I am feeling good, first I want to thank TPF because, they gave me the courage and platform to work so hard, and I am proud”.

Meanwhile the competition will be sealed on December 8th, that is, on Sunday, but prior to that, there will be a semi final on Saturday that will see one contestant evicted from academy and five contestants making it to this season’s grand finale of whom one winner will be crowned.

Also, the five contestants will be performing to original compositions of the previous TPF 6 Music Directors, that is, Eric Musyoka, Victor Seii, Muthoni the drummer queen, Eric wainaina and Atemi & Tim Rimbui.

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