Rappers Jay Polly, Amagi reunite

Rappers Jay Polly, Amagi reunite

Jay Polly and Amag The Black share a moment

Hip hop rivals, Jay Polly and Amagi the Black shook hands and hugged after a long time of feud and publicly attacking each other.

The reunion happened on Sunday night when both artistes met at famous radio station, Isango star for a round table interview.

While addressing the public, live on airwaves, rapper Jay Polly asked Amagi to forget whatever happened between them and strive to make better Rwanda’s music industry.

“Let’s put on hold our musical differences and work together to develop our music industry especially hip hop music,” Jay Polly said.

The biff started in 2011 when then upcoming rapper Amagi the black, accused Jay Polly of disrespecting him musically.

On the other side, rapper Amagi also thanked Jay Polly for acting mature and end useless biff before 2014.

Both rappers have many fans countrywide.

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