Riderman in last-minute campaign to promote new album

Riderman in last-minute campaign to promote new album

Singer Riderman

Rapper Riderman has been kept on his toes after witnessing an awful turnout at two different album launches, namely that of Kamichi and that of Urban Boyz.

Ahead of his own launch of the Igikona album, the star is wary that any mistake may cost him dearly. Igikona is his record fifth album in his music career, and although he has always enjoyed a good turnout during his last four, the rapper is not taking anything for granted.

Igikona album launch will take place on Friday December 20 at Petit Stade, the same venue where Urban Boyz flopped miserably over the weekend. But Riderman is strongly wooing his fans and promising them an evening full of entertainment and fun.

Speaking to a celebrity radio magazine called Sunday Night, he said, “It’s just a few days away and as my fans supported me at Primus Guma Guma Super Star, I would urge them to do the same and give me the support I need right now.”

Among his guest stars will be King James, Ama G The Black, Dream Boyz, Uncle Austin, Fireman, Jay Polly, Kamichi and many others. Tickets shall be sold for 2,000Rwf and 5,000 Rwf for ordinary and VIP tickets respectively.

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