Ama G The Black rekindles hopes of second album launch

 Ama G The Black rekindles hopes of second album launch

After an unsuccessful bid to launch his second album last year, rapper Ama G The Black is planning to do everything possible to make it a reality in 2014. The rapper’s efforts of realizing this dream were rendered futile after he failed to launch it on 28th November 2013 but he now feels time is right for this “big” project to come to fruition.

The album, entitled Turi Ku Ishuri will be his second in career after Uruhinja and it goes by the same name of one of the tracks on the album featuring Bruce Melodie. Plans were underway for the album to be launched in Musanze last year, but a few hitches here and there meant the rapper was forced to postpone it.

The album is said to contain over ten songs including the controversial track Mana Yanjye. The track has received a number of criticisms from a large section of fans implying that the singer’s message in the song is an indirect blasphemy. But Ama G denies any such content insisting he only released the song so that everyone could ask themselves why God created them they way they are.

He said, “Some people are born poor, others are born rich. My message from the song is that everyone should ask themselves why they are who they are today.” Meanwhile widespread reports continue to do their rounds on social media websites that Ama G may have fallen out with fellow musician Dr. Jiji over an alleged debt the former owes him. Ama G could not be reached for comment.

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