Iyaminiye by K8 Kavuyo and Meddy premieres

Meddy (left) and K8 Kavuyo

Meddy (left) and K8 Kavuyo


Another hit by Press One Entertainment has hit the streets and once again – as expected – has been received warmly by the public. The duo, based in United States of America, continue to work tirelessly to still make a mark in local music industry back in their home country.


Iyaminiye, which can be translated as “Be confident”, was directed by Cedru. Although the beat largely resembles their previous hit Ndi Uw’i Kigali, it’s still enjoyable to listen to and watch. Unlike their compatriot The Ben both Meddy and K8 Kavuyo continue to release track after track.


It seems the partnership’s efforts of artistes based in Press One are paying off. Apart from the fact they are still missed in Rwanda, they have also been nominated at Salax Music Awards in Diaspora Recognition Award category, due to be held in March.


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