Christopher revels in album launch success

m_Christopher revels in album launch success

When singer Christopher announced he would be launching his first album at Kigali Serena Hotel, there were a few people who raised their eyebrows in skepticism.

But who wouldn’t? Here is a twenty-year old who dared to use one of the country’s finest and most expensive venues where the so called big giants have failed. But hey, sometimes it’s necessary to prove critics wrong, isn’t it? It was the first album released by the RnB sensation and to say it was hugely successful would not be an exaggeration.

The hall, packed to full capacity before the show began, was one indication that it was going to be a thrilling one. That aside the fact it was almost impossible to describe the specific age group that was attracted to the concert made it even more captivating.

Both young and old had come in large numbers to throw their weight behind Christopher. speaking shortly after the launch the star expressed shock that he had attracted such a large crowd.

He said, “It was amazing to be on stage and seeing such a magnitude of people coming to see me. I am grateful and thankful at the same time.”

Speaking for the first time about his secondary school examination results, Christopher said that he would not publicly reveal how many marks he obtained but that he was happy he had passed the exams.

The show described just how much impact Kina Music has had on the music faithfuls in the country. Knowless, Makanyaga, Dream Boyz and Tom Close who are all contract-bound at the label house were in attendance.

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