I don’t care what they think of me – Rapper Jay Polly

I dont care what they think of me

Rapper jay Polly

Rwanda’s Hip Hop finest Jay Polly aka Joshua Tuyishimire vowed to turn a deaf ear and remain focused musically despite vulgar words poured on him by his former crew members in Tuff Gangs.

This comes following various stories roaming local showbiz where by Ex-Tuff Gangs member rapper P-Fla accuses Jay Polly of being a hypocrite and bridge to his down fall musically.

However, rapper Jay Polly denied the allegations in a short interview with Rwandashow.com and promised to remain focused on music.

“I don’t care about those fake accusations poured on me because of being on top of the game but instead, I will remain focused musically,” said rapper Jay Polly.

Jay added that, those people should stop wasting time on me and start building their faded careers because we are all born equal with unlimited chances to spark our inborn talents.

Tuff Gangs crew was originally made up of rappers like Jay Polly, Bull Dog, Fireman, Green P and P-Fla, who later partied ways to carry on his solo career but it did not work out for him.

The Hisha Munda star has already uplifted various musicians through featuring like Kid Gaju, Gisa and Bruce Melody.

The Tuff Gangs former lead rapper is one of the Rwanda’s best artistes with huge number of fans across the country both adults and youth.

The rapper boasts of songs like Hisha Munda, Ndacyahumeka, I Bwiza and his latest new single dubbed Ikosora.

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  1. Dinah
    February 13, 2014 at 4:01 pm #

    Hye guyz keep it up,,some good detailed article,,,,guyz u rock!!!!!!!!

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