Surprises hit Salax Awards voting as heavy weights are slowly edged out

Surprises hit Salax Awards voting as heavy weights are slowly edged out

Knowless has long dominated the category of Best Female at Salax Music Awards
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Suppose Salax Awards were held today, there would be every reason for the so called heavyweights to be utterly disappointed, at least according to the latest votes cast on their official website.

As the votes continue to stream in, a number of surprises continue to spring up and wearers of the “favorite” tag are being slowly edged out.

Most notably in Best Afro Beat category, Senderi International Hit is leading the queue with over three thousand votes, more than four hundred votes ahead of King James. The latter, who was expected to easily beat his challengers in this category, is not having an easy time as his vote tally struggles to catch up with Senderi’s. It’s also evident that the category is a two-horse race with Uncle Austin, Mico The Best and Kamichi way off coming in third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

Another surprise package comes in Best Female Category which has long been dominated by Knowless Butera, but one which seems to be destined to Paccy. The female rapper is way ahead of Knowless by more than one thousand votes and the gap only seems to get bigger.

The diva will, however, have reason to smile as she leads in two categories namely, RnB/Pop Artist and Album of the Year.

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