Tuff Gang is a voice for the voiceless – Jay Polly

Tuff Gang is a voice for the voiceless

Rapper Jay Polly of Tuff Gang has revealed that the crew is there to voice out the problems and some societal injustices faced by the common man.

The rapper was speaking shortly after his latest video Ku Musenyi premiered and said the group will not be deterred in this relentless quest.

Speaking to a celebrity website, Jay Polly said, “Tuff Gang was established to point out some of these problems faced by the common man. We shall never stop doing this because this is our cause. There are injustices in our society that need to be addressed through songs and that’s exactly what we do.”

The controversial rapper thanked Touch Records studio for making the shooting a reality, at the same time promising his fans that soon they will be seeing more of his videos being released one after the other.

Jay Polly’s relationship with his fellow musicians and the media in general has not been all that honky dory. From endless rows to sporadic spats with anyone he brushes his shoulders with, the star can’t simply stop generating screaming headlines – albeit for the wrong reasons.

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