You don’t have to play a guitar to be a musician – Ben Kayiranga

m_You don’t have to play a guitar to be a musician - Ben Kayiranga

Ben Kayiranga

 Rwanda’s legendary singer Benjamin Kayiranga based in France revealed that having no knowledge to use musical instruments like a guitar can’t stop someone from succeeding as an artiste.

The Freedom singer was responding to an article published by local website about artists posing with music instruments in their videos while they can’t use them live on stage.

In his own words, singer Ben Kayiranga advised artists to be proud of their voices that thrill music lovers.

“It’s true one can be a good musician with no guitar skills or key board as long as she/he is blessed with a strong voice musically,” said Kayiranga.

He added that, it becomes an added value if a musician can play any of the music instruments well but artists should be proud of their voices that stun the public when singing.

Ben Kayiranga is the brain behind the song Freedom which was released in 1997; in 2013 the song was named in daily mail as one of the songs that changed the world positively.

Ben Kayiranga’s Freedom was a daring song in 1997 right in the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda.

The singer is currently working on various music projects in Rwanda with local artists and already he has a new duo with singer Uncle Austin dubbed Kure si Kure.

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