Alcohol can’t help you do wonders musically – singer Alllion

Singer Allion Buzindu

Singer Allion Buzindu

Female Afro beat singer Allion Buzindu disagrees with artists who believe in alcohol consumption to thrill fans musically.

This comes following the new adopted vice in local artists of using alcohol and drugs hoping to improve their performing skills on stage.

“Some artists ruin their music careers due to consumption of drugs yet music is an inborn talent,” says Allion.

Allion also said that alcohol before stage actually makes an artist to forget his lyrics and control while performing, so drugs can’t boost one’s music career.

Musicians allegedly tend to consume drugs with hopes of rocking their audiences but they end up messing everything on stage due to singing while under influence.

In Rwanda most of the rappers are said to consume alcohol back stage and those mentioned in this practice include the likes Riderman, Jay Polly, Bull Dog and Amagi The black.

Allion boasts of songs like Umusumari, Urukundo and many other collabos with local and regional artistes.


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