Gabiro has music plans



Former Tusker Project Fame 3, Rwandan contestant didn’t vanish in thin air, He is working on a music album.

Gabiro’s music fans were worried the singer’s talent had ended with his eviction from TPF but they were wrong.

“I want my first album to be the best, so I am out there concentrating,” Gabiro told

Gabiro promised loyalty and quality music.

The singer’s new album, Byakubera byiza loosely translated as “It would be great for you” will debut in 2014.

Gabiro’s music was produced by Narrow road studio.

When he lost the battle at East Africa’s finest music competition, Tusker Project Fame, Gabiro embarked on using the acquired music skills to build a music career.

The singer has since then released songs like; Byakubera Byiza, Ubutsinzi and another single is coming up soon.



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