Mixed reactions following MC Monday quitting the music industry

Assou Saga, formerly Mc Monday, has declared he will not be involved in music  related activities anymore

Assou Saga, formerly Mc Monday, has declared he will not be involved in music
related activities anymore

News that renowned music affiliate Assou Saga Gashumba, formerly Mc Monday, has quit all activities relating to music promotion has been received with mixed reactions.

Mc Monday is known to be among the pioneers of local music promotion in mid 2000 having worked on Radio10, which is among the founders of private radio stations in Rwanda.

But having played a major role in local talent promotion, Monday quickly fell down the echelons and his bid to revive his reputation never got off despite adopting the pseudonym of Assou Saga.

His knack of rubbing shoulders with musicians – for the wrong reasons – is a major characteristic of his own self. But in a dramatic turn of events, Assou has declared that he will not be involved in future activities that relate to Rwandan music. The revelation has, for the obvious reason, caused a stir.

Celebrated music manager Alex Muyoboke, who recalls their journey very well, declared that he was saddened by Assou’s decision. Through his Facebook page, Muyoboke said, “It’s very sad that you are quitting this industry.

I will always remember the energy you invested so that our music heads in the right direction. I remember in 2006 when I came to see you at Radio10 and urged me to work with you to take our local music to another level.”

However, despite Assou receiving much acclaim for promoting Rwandan music, there is a section of artistes that have criticized him for sidelining them during his days as a radio presenter.

His recent spat with rapper Riderman attests to this. The rapper claimed he was once shunned by Assou outside the studio of Radio10 and spent more than five hours waiting for him to collect his CD. Other musicians have voiced similar complaints all of which are “lies” according to Assou.  

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