Amagi the Black vows to outcompete Jay Polly in the GumaGuma

Amagi won a salaax award

Amagi won a salaax award

Hip hop star, Amagi the black vows to outcompete rival, Jay Polly in the ongoing Guma Guma superstar competition.

“Despite being more experienced, Jay Polly doesn’t scare me in any way,” says Amagi the black.

Amagi says both rappers have commendable skills, hence the ball remaining in public’s hands.

The once sworn enemies sorted out their biff early 2014.

Jay Polly is currently leading all 10 contestants in stage performance according to the last two road shows in Rusizi and Nyamagambe.

Rapper Amagi the Black tasted lime light in 2012 when his hit single Uruhinja rocked local air waves.

Amagi boasts of songs like Uruhinja, Turi mwishuri, Care and more.

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