I won’t stay in the US – Kamichi

 m_I won’t stay in the US - Kamichi

Afro beat singer Kamichi has denied news doing rounds that he intends to seek asylum in United States of America where he’s currently on a holiday since last week.

The star has revealed to the media that he intends to jet back into the country in June, his revelations coming shortly after widespread reports had done rounds in local tabloids that he would not step into the country ever again.

He said, “I have no intention of permanently relocating here (in USA). In fact come June this year I will be reunited with my fans.”

Another rumor that was quickly gaining momentum was that prior to his take off, Kamichi was heavily indebted amongst his close pals and that he showed no intention of settling his debts, thus getting away from them was somewhat a breather.

But the news too, came as a shocker to Kamichi who vehemently denied those allegations. It is reported that Kamichi will meet The Ben and Meddy both of whom are currently enjoying their music success abroad under Press One Entertainment Records.

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