Tom Close, Muyoboke bury the hatchet

m_Tom Close, Muyoboke bury the hatchet

Left to Right: Manager Alex Muyoboke and Tom Close

Tom Close and Alex Muyoboke have finally put their differences aside and reconciled having fallen out a few years ago.

The two, who once worked closely together as singer and manager, fell out and parted ways rancorously and prematurely with the former terminating their contract rather unceremoniously.

The two had forged a partnership that saw Tom rise to stardom while he went on to win the first edition of Primus Guma Guma Super Star. It is believed the fallout stems from a ninety thousand Rwandan Francs debt Tom owed to Muyoboke prior to the termination of their contract.

It is also believed that Tom’s wife, Tricia, may have played a mediatory role between the two although the debt is yet to be settled.

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