Primus brand manager in hot soup over journalists’ mistreatment

Francine Umutoni

Francine Umutoni

Primus brand manager, Francine Umutoni got to media’s bad side, after using offensive language on Saturday 7th June, in Gicumbi while addressing journalists covering Primus Guma Guma super star, season four.

Umutoni got angry in a debate with showbiz journalists who refused to wear Primus brand T-shirts to cover Gicumbi road show and uttered words that were taken by journalists as insult.

The Primus brand manager allegedly ordered journalists to wear T-shirts as a must and those who refused had difficulties to cover the road show.

“You must wear Bralirwa brand T-shirts whether you like it or not, no jokes,” Umutoni told fuming journalists.

The above comments angered journalists who warned her to mind the language used to address people especially journalists on duty.

“I wonder how a person with her integrity, can use indecent language to address people,” wondered Contact radio journalist, Claude Mudenge.

“I am a journalist not a brand ambassador of Bralirwa products,” said another furious journalist, Jean Paul Ibambe.

Bralirwa claims the T-shirts were made to ensure journalist security and access to VIP areas.

Most of the entertainment radio talk shows over the weekend blamed organizers of PGGSSS4 for ill treatment towards journalist.

The journalists also stormed social media and urged Umutoni to apologize publically for her indecent language.


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