Alpha signs new manager

Alpha signs new manager

Local Afro beat singer and TPF two times winner Alpha Rwirangira has signed a new manager called Harmani Ngoga to follow up his music activities as well as promoting his music career across the globe.

The Turumwe singer disclosed the information recently to while talking about his music projects before he goes back to the United States of America..

“I have got a new manager who will help promote and follow up my music whether am in the country or not,” says Alpha Rwirangira.

Alpha added that, it has been hard for me to follow up on my music in Rwanda while away and music is a business that needs special treatment.

Alpha recently quit Future records owned by David pro, the studio in which he has been recording songs from since 2009 after winning Tusker Project Fame three.

Speaking to the new manager Ngoga on a phone interview he explained more about the new projects with Alpha Rwirangira.

“We are planning to work with various artistes like Wizkid, Sheeba Kalungi as well as staging a concert before Alpha goes back to school,” says Alpha’s new manager Harmani

The singer has been busy with various across East Africa in countries like Kenya and Uganda.

Alpha is a well talented musician and no doubt with the help of the new manager his music will expand across the entire continent.

Alpha boasts of songs like Heaven on earth, Beautiful, She doesn’t know and many others featuring regional artistes like Kidum and Bebe Cool.

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