Dj Africano gives youths partying tips

Deejay Africano

Rwanda renowned professional disc spinner and event organizer Deejay Africano real names Jean Ndizihiwe advised youth to be responsible for their lives when partying especially duringholidays.

As schools close doors in Rwanda, students normally tend to enjoy their holidays in different ways like having bashes and house parties to celebrate with friends.

These parties sometimes leave youth with diseases like HIV/Aids since most of them engage in bad acts like having unprotected sexual intercourse after drinking too much alcohol.

Deejay Africano advised the youth on how to have fun without endangering their lives.

“Having fun is good because it helps the youth share ideas on issues concerning youth development but if not well planned it always has a bad end like unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases,” says DJ Africano.

Africano also advised Party organizers to put in place rules for such parties to protect the youth from doing such bad things like smoking but through mutual understanding, that means having friendly discussions with the party goers.

Dj Africano gives youths partying tips

Rwanda is well known in the region for tight security, holiday makers especially students attend such parties like pool, house and beach parties to meet their old friends to have fun but without proper measures some ruin their lives forever.

Deejay Africano is famous for mix songs for holiday makers especially students in Diaspora in parties like Happy people.

Africano started spinning discs while still a high school student at Groupe Scolaire De Nyundo. Today, he is a professional DJ with his own label, Africanomania Ltd, a company he set up upon return from South Africa, where he has been based for the last eight years.

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