Talented artists missing in action – Frank Joe

Rwanda’s RnB singer/actor, Frank Joe aka Rukundo is wondering why some talented musicians with super music talent are not recognized on local music scene.

 “Am wondering why some of these artists with super talent like Ellion Victory are finding it hard to make it on top yet such talents can be used to boost music industry to another level,” wondered Frank Joe.

Rukundo also urged music promoters and people responsible for music to help such artists to discover what they miss and use it to develop local music industry.

Singer/Actor Frank Joe Rukundo aka Frankie

Singer/Actor Frank Joe Rukundo aka Frankie

Frank Joe is not the only person missing out the answer for this question but it’s a big puzzle between artists and showbiz fraternity too.

Journalists have been blamed for promoting wannabe artists giving them small hand outs and denying opportunity to upcoming artists with talent but have nothing to offer in return.

On the other hand, artists also are blamed for not watering their music talent thinking that having good music will only play itself without adding physical efforts like distributing CD’s to radio presenters.

The above are some of the reasons why musicians like Ellion Victory, Jody Phibi, Ricky Password and Kid Gaju, Umuntare Gaby are not taking part in music competitions and music awards like Guma Guma and Salaax awards.

 Artists Jody Phibi and Ellion Victory

Artists Jody Phibi and Ellion Victory

Ellion Victory is one of the few local artists that can sing steadily live music without difficulties and boasts songs like Indege Ihinda and Only one.

The Ni wowe hit maker is in the country on a holiday and plans to record some songs before going back to his family in Canada.

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