We are ready to work with Cindy – Urban Boyz

m_We are ready to work with Cindy - Urban Boyz

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The Afro beat trio Urban Boyz revealed that they are more than ready to work with Cindy at any time.

This comes after Uganda’s diva Cindy was asked by the press which artiste she would like to work with apart from Kid Gaju in Rwanda.

The Selector hit maker made it clear that she doesn’t know much about Rwandan music but she can record a song with Urban Boyz.

Speaking to Rwandashow.com, Urban Boyz rapper James Manzi aka Humble Gizzo had something to say when told about Cindy’s wish.

 “Cindy is a well known artiste in East Africa and we as Urban Boyz we can’t miss the chance to record a song with her if she wants it,” says Manzi.

Manzi added that, it’s good that foreign artists recognize our efforts musically and this shows that our music is listened beyond Rwanda.

The trio’s Tayali hit is the first Rwandan song to appear on Africa’s recognized music channel Trace television based in South Africa.

Urban Boys is a celebrated local music group and perhaps the best when it comes to performance and making quality videos.

The trio boasts of songs like Barahurura, Nkubita and Simubure.

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