I am not managing Charly and Nina – Muyoboke

m_I am not managing Charly and Nina - Muyoboke

Alex Muyoboke

Former Urban Boys manager, Alex Muyoboke refuted claims that he is managing new upcoming female singers Charly and Nina.

This comes after several tabloids and music fans questioned him via Facebook after posting the duo’s new video on face book dubbed Mapenzi.

On a phone interview with the website, Alex denied managing the new band and revealed that he is just helping them to shape their talent.

“I am not managing those girls but I am just helping them to grow and be able earn a living from their music career,” says Alex Muyoboke.

m_I am not managing Charly and Nina - Muyoboke1

Charly and Nina

Muyoboke also added that the girls have a great music talent and they deserve a promoter to develop.

Charly and Nina are not new in the local music industry since the duo has been backing up famous artists in Guma Guma competition as vocalists.

The new video Mapenzi is doing well on local televisions like TV1 and the audio is also enjoying massive play on urban radio stations.

Alex is known in music industry for spotting out music fresh talents and turns them into real music stars.

Recently he was named manager of Uganda’s finest music duo Radio and Weasel in Rwanda shortly after falling out with singer Kid Gaju.

m_I am not managing Charly and Nina - Muyoboke2

Manager Alex Muyoboke with Good lyfe musicians in Kigali recently

Muyoboke is one of the respected artist managers in Rwanda and he has managed various established artists including Tom Close, Dream Boyz, Urban Boyz and Kid Gaju for a short time.

Alex is also famous for mentoring artists like Tom Close, Dream Boyz and Urban Boyz to collaborate with music heavy weights in East Africa as well as scooping Salaax awards.

m_I am not managing Charly and Nina - Muyoboke3

Urban Boyz with former manager Alex Muyoboke after winning four salaax awards

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