Fashion mogul Judith heard in town

m_Fashion mogul Judith heard in town

Uganda’s socialite, model and business woman Judith Heard Kantengwa is in country for Kigali Fashion Week slated to take place at Serena Hotel on June 24 this Friday.

The renowned fashionista jetted in the country on Monday and had something little to say about her country.

“Everywhere I go, am proud to be called Rwandan because Rwanda is my country and i think even some people out would feel like me despite being of other origin due to the uniqueness of the country itself in all aspects,” says Judith.

She added, am here to support my country in fashion industry because i have took a step ahead at least as far as fashion industry is concerned.

Judith Heard had been coming in Rwanda for charity works and personal business in recent years.

The last time she was in Rwanda, she visited orphanage known as Kwa Gisimba and managed to donate items like food, oil, dresses and others to helpless kids.

Being a mother of three has taught her to give a helping hand to vulnerable children even back in Uganda.

Judith Heard is a Rwandan born model based in Uganda and she has also ventured into Rwanda movie industry all in quest to raise her country flag Rwanda higher.


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