Derek ‘ended his relationship with Teta in the last few days

Derek 'ended his relationship with Teta in the last few days

Celebrated event organizer Sandra Teta and ex- beauty queen was dumped by her long-term artist boyfriend Derek Sano over unknown issues.

This came after few days when the couple’s best friends Olivis and Vanessa also called it quits.

Active crew lead singer Sano disclosed the break up news via social media on his Instagram page with a picture captioned ‘single again’

Speaking to this website, Sano refused to spill out the cause of break up.

“We loved each other but as you know every relationship has ups and downs and sometimes it’s better to let go than enduring complicated relationships,” says Sano

It has already started circulating in tabloids that Dereke might have been influenced by his fellow crew mate Olivis who was chucked in disgrace by his girlfriend Vanessa who called him a kid in public.

Vanessa is a close friend to Sandra Teta and they are ever seen together everywhere they go, this seems to be a planned move which scared Dereke to end the relationship.

Dereke started dating Teta two years ago and all has been going well until Tuesday 21, June when he announced the break up on social media.

Efforts to reach out to Sandra Teta were fruitless as she kept ignoring our calls.

It is also rumored that Sandra and Vanessa used the boys for showbiz purposes but they have never considered them as mature boyfriends to their close pals.


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