Rwanda : Upcoming singer Tete Roca quits music

Upcoming singer Tete Roca quits music

Troubled local female artists Tete Roca recently announced her departure from music, the cause remains unknown .

The underground singer who tried mob means to acclaim local music scene and failed has at last thrown a towel to singing.

The star wrote on her face book page that, “we all have things to leave behind as we grow up with time., so I apologize to my fans that I have finally quit music industry due to personal reasons.”

However rumours hit social networks that she quit music industry because she couldn’t handle music career and she wasn’t all talented to appease fans.

Recently the troubled singer Tete Roca told her close pals that she has landed on a big job as a representative of famous drama on BBC Urunana and that’s why she quit singing.

However her reasons seem not to be convincing people because Rwanda has had local musicians acting on big screens but still do music like Miss Shanel.

Tete Roca came to social scene after claiming and sending her nude photo on her face book wall claiming to be in love with international dancehall star Sean Paul.



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