Rwanda : Muyoboke proving to be every musician’s dream manager

Muyoboke proving to be every

Every Rwandan musician is now aspiring to work with Alex Muyoboke. The great manager that he is, Muyoboke has uplifted not only the standards of musicians who’ve worked under him, but the level of local music as well.

A few would have imagined that Urban Boyz would be what they are now – until he appeared. But it’s not just them. Having managed the likes of Tom Close and co, the NUR graduate works tirelessly to ensure his musicians get to the very top level that they aspire.

So far it is rumored that he has secured a deal with the Nigerian stars P-Square that will enable Urban Boyz to record a song with the duo.

Impressive, huh? Now, a few will fathom how such a deal may have been struck (if it’s to be believed), but nonetheless Muyoboke is proving to be too much of a professional manager that very few musicians would risk turning down.

Remember this. When Tom Close was struggling with his singing career Muyoboke secured him lucrative deals that propelled him to quick fame before the two parted ways. Close went on to win the first edition of Primus Guma Guma Superstar, and he arguably owes a lot of his success to Muyoboke.

Should the rumors doing the rounds (about Urban Boyz recording a song with P-Square) become a reality, then Muyoboke will have gone an extra mile to silencing his critics who have been on his neck for most of the time, alleging him of exploiting those musicians that he has managed.

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