IBITENGE: YOUNGER BRINGS GUN IN VIDEO SHOOTHe’s commonly known by many around the country as Agasobanuye, mainly because of his role in translating foreign films into Kinyarwanda for the majority of the common people that don’t understand foreign languages. Younger, as is his nickname, is a popular name among both the young and the old because of his knack to insert his uncanny and satirical quips in his translations of the films and his surge in popularity is no surprise really.

When he appeared at the video shoot of the song Ibitenge, it was not he who caught the attention of those present, but rather the “pistol” he was carrying, which was to be used in the video clip. No doubt that it was a toy gun, but I can hardly remember the last time I saw a gun in a local video clip!

Ibitenge is a remix of the original song Biracyaza by King James. It features hip hop kingpin Ama G The Black, Urban Boyz and King James himself. Biracyaza became a hit when it was first released by King James although the name was to be adopted by mobile telecommunication network MTN, and it caused a feud between the company and King James, the latter who threatened to sue but later withheld.


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