Meet Ragga Dee, Uganda’s music grand pa

Meet Ragga Dee, Uganda’s music grand pa

He is one of the long serving artists in the Ugandan music industry, richest, business man and he has sold more than 100 songs topping music charts alone.

The self proclaimed Ugandan music grand Pa, real name Daniel Kazibwe Kyeyune was into football but turned down football for Music which indeed has paid off. (RS) had an exclusive interview with Ragga Dee at Relax with us restaurant on Friday before performing live with Ebonnies at Serena Hotel.

RS: Who is Ragga Dee?

Ragga Dee: He is a dancehall musician, born and raised doing music shows from singing at tender age to emceeing and singing ragga/ dance hall music in Luganda.

RS: Why do you prefer calling yourself Ragga Dee?

Ragga Dee: It is because my lyrics goes into deep with raga music style and people used to call ragga before I became famous because at that time ragga was selling like a hot cake.

RS: What brings you to Rwanda this time?

Ragga Dee: This time I came to introduce my brothers and sisters of Ebonnies drama actors in Rwanda and of course deal my business.

RS: Deal your business, any business in Rwanda already?

Ragga Dee: Not yet now but am trying to venture into importing cars and to extend my music video recording company known as “Free state” into Rwanda.

RS: How do you plan to boost Rwandan music industry with your video recording company?

Ragga Dee: I want to incorporate Rwandan artists and start working on their videos and I have already talked to some.

RS: Who are those Rwandan artists on the list to work with?

Ragga Dee: We haven’t agreed on the terms but I have talked to one boy from Dream Boys and am also planning to discuss with rapper Amagi the Black.

RS: How do you feel when you are in Rwanda?

Ragga Dee: Ooh man, Rwanda is my country for real and I always feel great when I feel the breath of a thousand hills country.

RS: you seem to be having this special love for Rwanda, anything beyond the business?

Ragga Dee: Yeah, let me be honest with you on this, my grandparents hail from Remera and my wife is a real Munyarwanda, so that’s all about my love for the country.

RS: Do you know any musician from Rwanda?

Ragga Dee: Yeah, I know Alpha whom we collaborated and many others including Tom Close.

RS: You have been able to develop into a dancehall force to reckon and maintained your status despite Uganda’s music industry competition: Can you share the formula used to Rwandan musicians to also success?

Ragga Dee: Yeah in Uganda music competition is high but as music grand pa, I can’t disappear from the scene because I got plenty in store, the secret is hard work, persistence, determination and believing in one’s self that he or she can.

RS: How many songs have you recorded so far?

Ragga Dee: Over a hundred songs without featuring any one and many other featuring various artists including AY from Tanzania

RS: How do you keep yourself away from the Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine biff?

Ragga Dee: I don’t have time for that because I don’t only deal in music but also in many ventures that worth my time.

RS: Any last message to your fan base regionally?

Ragga Dee: Thanks for supporting me all these years and I promise I won’t let them down musically, so let’s pray that God keeps us alive.


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