Austin and Mico in a beef again

Austin and Mico in a beef again

Uncle Austin

Local Afro beat artistes, Uncle Austin  and Mico the best  are at it again, the duo exchanged bitter words on who deserved the Afro beat category salaax music award.

The drama started over the weekend at Urban Boy’s launch when Austin convinced fans he is the king of Afro beat music.

Austin’s claims did not go well with Mico the best, who grabbed the microphone and warned the public not to be misled by Austin. Mico bragged he was the originator of Afro Beat music in Rwanda.

Austin took the fight to another level when he talked to

“Let me say it again, my music compositions benefits people, Mico can never compare to me,” a furious Austin told the showbiz website.

The two are famous for word battles when the salaax awards approach.

Mico hails from Super level studio and boasts of songs like Akabizu, Umutaka whereas Austin is from Kina music with hit songs like Uracanga and Umugisha Wundi.

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