Dr. Jiji says he deserves a music award

Jiji says he deserves a music award

Dr. Jiji in one of his videos

Singer Dr. Jiji has disclosed to rwandashow.com that it would be unfair if he failed not only to make it among the nominees of Salax Awards, but also to win at least an award at the annual music awards.

The celebrated musician only made a surprising spring onto the Rwandan music scene with numerous songs and exquisite videos that instantly made him a popular figure.

Speaking to rwandashow.com, Jiji said, “Apart from being nominated I also deserve to win at least in the category of Best Upcoming Artist or Best Video.

I don’t think there is any other artist who has released five innovative videos which are on an international level. I have also recorded ten audio songs, which for me is a great achievement.”

Dr. Jiji’s most controversial song, Antere Ibuye, enjoyed a large viewership on youtube, mostly because of the finesse it was produced with, not to forget the extra girls dressed in bikinis and flaunting their bodies around.

However, the star acknowledges that he may miss out on the awards but says it would be “perfectly okay” with him as it has happened to other artists as well.

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