Fireman quits Bridge records




Tuff Gangz rapper, Francis Uwimana aka Fireman crossed from ‘Bridge records’ to ‘Super Level’ after only three months working with the studio.

The rapper turned down the contract with bridge records following the departure of producer Fazzo who also joined super level studio due to unknown reasons.

Fire Man signed a 2 years contract with Bridge records.

“I decided to breach the contract after realizing that Bridge records won’t accomplish my music targets,” says rapper Fireman.

The Rapper who is preparing massive concerts across Kigali city has been producing music with Unlimited records and Bridge records based in Nyamirambo.

The rapper hopes to upgrade and accomplish his music targets with the super level studio which produces music for established artists like Bruce Melody, Urban Boys and Mico The best.

Fireman is one of the best rappers in the country with lots of fans. He has featured in hit songs like Bagupfusha Ubusa.

Fireman boasts of songs like Itanga Ishaka featuring King James that is currently toping music countdowns on urban radio stations.


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