Riderman denies Ibisumizi studio closure

Riderman denies Ibisumizi studio closure

Ibisumizi studio boss Riderman has come forward to refute claims the studio has closed down permanently after unconfirmed reports had indicated the studio was set for a prolonged period of closure.

The rapper has however come forward to claim it’s a temporary move that will serve as a re-organizational strategy.

Property and other equipment from the studio were seen leaving the premises located in Biryogo, Nyamirambo and widespread reports went ahead to claim the management of the studio had decided to close it down.

But speaking to the media following the developments, Riderman said, “It’s not true that we have closed down the facility. What we are doing at the moment is we are re-organizing ourselves better. We will re-open the studio after two months.”

Fans of the star will hope Riderman’s words can be taken as facts. Just recently another music studio Bridge Records experienced a drain of artists including Fireman and Nasson, leading to pundits pointing out that it might be heading for a total collapse.

Ibisumizi studio is among the country’s best and respected music studios alongside The Super Level, Bridge Records and Kina Music.

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