P-Fla attacks Jay Polly in new song

m_P-Fla attacks Jay Polly in new song

Former Tuff Gangz member and ex-convict, rapper P-fla released a new single dubbed ‘Fuck Jay Polly’ directly attacking his former crewmate, rapper Jay Polly.

P-Fla accuses Polly for paying producers not to work on his songs in order to keep him off the hip hop game.

 “The song is about Jay Polly’s evil plans, he uses money to bribe producers to suppress my music,” says rapper P-fla.

P-Fla says he is not jealous of the former crew member’s fame.

Jay Polly denied P-Fla’s allegations and advised the rapper to quit drugs and focus on career.

P-Fla was convicted in 2013 for drug abuse; he is working hard to recover what he lost musically while in jail.

P-fla boasts of songs like Mana Mfasha, Navutse bwije and more with Tuff Gangz.

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