Rafiki plans comeback on the music scene with album release

Rafiki plans comeback on the music scene with album release

After his latest single release called Baza Iwacu featuring Knowless, king of Coga Style Rafiki has talked of his desire to release his album.

Rafiki, who has gone quiet in recent years, was speaking shortly after the release of the single that features diva Knowless Butera, a track he says will feature on the album.

Rafiki also insisted that he had not withdrawn from all music competitions held in the country, adding that the numerous injustices that have marred some of the competitions are a cause for concern.

“I would like to assure my fans that apart from Salax Awards, I have not pulled out of any other competition. With Salax I was involved in a personal confrontation with the organizers and that’s why I withdrew completely.”

At the same time the star feels it would be of great importance if such injustices were curbed in order to aid Rwandan music industry reach at its peak. He added, “Awards are normally given to the most outstanding musicians in a given period of time. I am asking the public especially the journalists to see to it that those who are given those awards truly deserve them.”

Rafiki’s hits such as Igikosi, Icyaro, Igipende and many others hit local airwaves in mid 2000’s before he his popularity inexplicably waned and faded.


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