New video from Urban Boyz sparks public fury

 m_New video from Urban Boyz sparks public fury

Scene from the video

When Colombian songstress Shakira released the video to her newest single Can’t Remember to Forget You, featuring controversial singer Rihanna, the whole world was left dumbfounded.

Scenes of nudity and nothing but nudity are a common feature in the video, while the two, in one scene, are seen inappropriately touching one another.

The Daily Mail from England reports that back in her native country, waves of protests have been voiced and demands are on the rise that the song be banned from being aired in public.

But it looks like such is the trend in today’s music industry. Video shoots have evolved from the traditional and conventional so-called acceptable norms to revelations of scantily dressed women who will not bother to go to an extent of showing off their modest. It therefore goes without saying that Urban Boyz’s new video Ancilla is no extraordinary.

m_New video from Urban Boyz sparks public fury1

Daring: Scenes of nudity are on the rise in Rwandan video clips: Here Humble G of Urban Boyz is seen holding the “lingerie” girl on his laps in one of the scenes

In the video the palpable scenes are those of a girl in lingerie who predominantly materializes in almost every scene, while at one point she is blurry seen taking a shower – naked.

The song, a remix of the 1980’s hit by the same name, has attracted numerous criticisms and much applause in equal measure. On Youtube, fans have lashed out at Urban Boyz accusing them of misleading young people but a section of their fans have come out to commend and salute them for the “excellent work” they have done.

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