It’s high time artists recognize the role of manager – Alex Muyoboke

Alex Muyoboke

Alex Muyoboke

Rwanda’s celebrated artist’s manager Alex Muyoboke urged musicians to open their eyes and start valuing the role played by managers in music development as well as artist’s careers.

The former boss to various established local artists disclosed the information over the weekend to while speaking about the relationship between artists and their managers.

“Most of the local artists don’t value the role played by their managers and it’s high time for them to know that music is like any other business that needs planners,” says Alex Muyoboke.

Muyoboke added that, Rwanda being in the East African community, it will help the artists to recognize the importance of having managers to conduct business on their behalf, of course after borrowing a leaf from music icons like Chameleon and Jaguar.

Some artists believe the fact of having a manager to develop musically but also disagrees with managers that only eyes money not the development of a musician.

“We are still short of genuine managers that can boast an artist financially and musically because most of them come with nothing in mind but reaping the little money from musicians,” says Urban Boy’s singer Nizzo Ahmed.

Muyoboke has managed established artistes from scratches to winning awards like Tom Close, The Ben, Dream Boys and Urban Boys.

However, all the above fell out with Muyobike accusing him of demanding huge salary. Currently Alex is managing an upcoming artist Social Mula.

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