Miss Rwanda 2014 co-host Sheila hospitalized

Sheila Gashumba

Sheila Gashumba


The 18 year old and NTV’s presenter Sheila Gashumba who co-hosted the Miss Rwanda 2014 event on Saturday has been hospitalised in unknown hospital in Uganda.

The Uganda’s youngest television presenter disclosed the information through her post on face book page

“After an amazing weekend…I fall sick but remember things get better with time, Am grateful for life.” She posted.

Despite her skills in emceeing and fashion, Sheila was not well received by the local showbiz fraternity on how she conducted the Miss Rwanda event.

Sheila co-hosted the Miss Rwanda event with celebrated emcee Lion Manzi who was also nicknamed “Absolutely” by journalists for using the word in every sentence.

Sheila who celebrated her 18th birthday early this month posted a picture of herself on drip possibly in hospital.

She is a daughter of Ugandan Businessman and Social commentator Frank Gashumba. Gashumba is of Rwandan origin.


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