Teta’s entrance into Guma Guma sparks debate on social media

m_Teta’s entrance into Guma Guma sparks debate on social media

Diane Teta

Upcoming Afro pop singer Diane Teta’s appearance on the 4th Guma Guma super star nominees list has caused a battle of words both in media and social networks like face book.

Local music fans facebook comments and tweets suggest Teta did not deserve to appear among the nominees, with just two recorded songs.

Teta is blamed for bribing journalists to vote her into the competition, leaving out established female artists like Queen Cha and Ciney, who produced more than 3 mega songs. But Teta denies the allegations.

“I guess they voted me owing to my talent.  I did not bribe anyone,” says Teta.

Teta boasts of two songs; Canga Ikarita and Undi Munsi,she started singing in 2010.

She tasted lime light in 2013 when she featured in a hit song dubbed Fata Fata and later on sang in the background for legendary singer, Cecile Kayirebwa.

The GumaGuma superstar competition is at its 4th edition and has about 15 nominees who include big names in music, like Jay Polly, Knowless, Urban Boys, Dream Boys, Uncle Austin, Christopher and more.

The competition is yet to undergo the first stage of evicting five artists to take on 10 who will compete for the mega price worth millions of Francs

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