Sacha Kat drops pregnancy hint

Sacha Kat drops pregnancy hint

Female singer Sacha Kat has dropped a strong hint she might be pregnant but she has refused to give a clear yes or no to the rumors that have been circulating in local tabloids.

Earlier reports had suggested the female star might be pregnant and efforts to contact her had yielded no results, however in a short interview with a celebrity website, Sacha gave a strong signal it might after all, be true.

She said, “I don’t think it is wrong if I am pregnant or not. The only thing that would hurt me is if people rumored that I have aborted. Also you have to understand that children are a blessing from Allah Himself.”

Her revelations drew different reactions from the media and the public at large but Sacha could not clarify whether it was true or not.

Sacha once dated Nizzo from the Urban Boyz crew for a brief stint before the two spitefully broke up and since then, there have been no reports of who she was dating. Following the rumours of the pregnancy, Niizzo was quick to deny being responsible the pregnancy like the media was suggesting.

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