Urban Boyz deny snub by Nigerian trio

Urban Boyz

Urban Boyz

Urban Boyz have denied reports that Nigerian trio Wizkid, Flavor and Davido turned down their request to record a song together.

Safi, Humble Jizzo and Nizzo took off to Nigeria in an effort to feature any of the three Nigerian music heavyweights, but instead ended up featuring Iyanya, another Nigerian music icon.

However, speaking to a radio show dubbed Star Forum on phone, Humble Jizzo clarified the matter and explained that the three targets had all gone about their businesses and that they could not be reached.

He said, “Davido is currently in Senegal, Flavor is in the South of the country whereas Wizkid is in South Africa.

Nigerian music sensation Iyanya

Nigerian music sensation Iyanya

The new song, which the trio say they have not named yet, will cost a staggering sixteen million Rwandan francs according to Humble Jizzo, a figure he says was shocking to them as well.

He added, “What surprised us was the amount of money we were going to part with, which is between fifteen and sixteen million Rwandan francs.”

Iyanya became famous with his hit song Kukere which he released in 2012. So far the video has enjoyed a viewership of over six million on internet’s largest video stream, youtube.

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