Kamichi to shoot video in the US



Local Afro beat singer, Kamichi is to shoot a new video in the US. He IS working on the project with Rwandan U S based producer, Lick Lick Mbabazi.

Kamichi left for the US last month, to visit relatives and Press One Entertainment singers, namely; Meddy, The Ben, K8 Kavuyo and Lick Lick.

Kamichi promised to work on new songs and videos in the Western country.

The singer returns in June. Showbiz tabloids speculated Kamichi might never return to Rwanda owing to facts that artists like Meddy, The Ben, Kavuyo, Emmy and producer Lick Lick settled in the states for good.

Kamichi boasts of songs like Byacitse, Aho ruzingiye, Imitoma and more.





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